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  1. This is a great idea. Could I suggest just adding in a simple scheduler that will start campaigns/dungeons or arena under a timer? I currently have to turn off the bot and set a timer to turn it on around that time but the bot has to sit idle until then and I can only set it up a max of 12 hours away. This would help with a lot more than just potions. It would be good for tourneys, events and anything time sensitive like potion as well.
  2. How do you want it to work? Levels up in campaigns or in the tavern with brews? What rank are you leveling up before you use as food?
  3. I made a mistake using it where the accessories and artifacts are under different dropdowns. You need to go under both dropdowns and switch to OFF. It finally stopped for me after I did that
  4. Same thing on my end. Try uninstalling blue stacks and then reinstalling. It fixed it for me and for another on discord
  5. The same thing happens but with very high player power
  6. It still crashes instantly after trying to upgrade artifacts
  7. The bot has been crashing every time like clockwork on the daily task for upgrading gear. I think is has to do with my current view and it being already upgraded gear. It doesn't try and scroll, just crashes.
  8. Thank you @Saint It was the capitalization of my name that caused it.
  9. I cant seem to launch the bot anymore. I recently updated it and at the same time, renewed my monthly subscription. Now the bot won't accept my username or key.
  10. So like a timer that you can set before it turns on?
  11. Pause feature could be really nice. Not sure how it would change the current setup of the stop button. The energy thing doesn't seem like a feature that's needed. All your doing is adding extra ways to stop the bot from actually playing the game 🤣
  12. Would be interested in this feature but I would hate to set this up an hour or so before the daily switch. I might already have too many of the next potions. Any idea how this could be implemented?
  13. Looked all over here and I can't any post about it. I never remember to buy the accessories or champion fragments from the tag team bazar. There currently isn't even a red dot and nothing to state wether or not it's available. In stating that I'm not sure how that would be programmed other than a timer (maybe set a time to buy in the day that adds an extra 5 min each day) I would love to know wether anyone else would use this feature or would like to add to the auto buying in the bazaar.
  14. This bot is updated more than the game is. I'm sure the update will come soon haha
  15. After updating windows to 1903 it ended up working correctly. I wonder what I was missing before.
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