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  1. Make sure you enter your name exactly how it shows on forum.
  2. There is $80 license for lifetime license. Good luck!
  3. this is already fixed in new version, just wait for release
  4. copy dll from to, might help
  5. project target framework is 4.7.2
  6. it should work with multi-monitor, might now work with not 100% scaling in windows.
  7. Multi-instance for bluestacks is probably will be implemented in future, no ETA.
  8. we will add this option next or next-next release.
  9. i believe this is possible with some kind of script. but we will have this option in mind, right now we are working on bot functionality
  10. yes, eventually it will be monthly fee, when we are done with main features we want to implement and fix all critical bugs, we are still considering the price, but it wont be much, way more affordable than anything in raid game 😉
  11. Those are false positive, try uploading legit but not well known executable file, you will get same result.
  12. pm me screenshot of bluestacks window while in bastion
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