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[Release] Beta version v6.0.0.0

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Bot version released

Download file attached to this post

Verify you don't have false positives detected by your AntiVirus for files auth-crypto.dll, auth-crypto-x64.dll, Updater.exe and RaidBot.exe
(add them or RaidBot folder to exclusions)

If you don't have Windows 10 or 11, install the Visual C ++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One package

Important : need to close BlueStacks or Plarium Play before launching new release for the first time.

Improvements since :

  • Works with last Raid update v8.30.0
  • New daily battles feature for campaign and dungeons (now you can define a list of dungeons and campaign battles to do every day)
  • Added Great Hall Rewards collect
  • Added Mythic Artifacts management in Battles Result
  • Added Mythic champion in Replacements
  • Added all January and February new champions
  • Demon Lord Keys management logic redesigned to match with Battles Switch
  • Fixed Champion's Replacement bugs in Campaign and Dungeons
  • Fixed scroll bug in Arenas and some other reported bugs


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