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Ultimate RaidBot Guide

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-  Register


1. Register on forum.


2. Choose any forum name (it will be used to login in bot) and enter your email.


3. Confirm email.


Starting from we added PC game version support, you can select between PC/Bluestacks in main menu.

- Getting BlueStacks ready for RaidBot.


0. Set windows scaling to 100% (windows parameters/system/display)

1. Download and Install emulator from https://www.bluestacks.com

2.  Go to Display and set resolution to 960 x 540 and DPI to 240.


3. Make sure you have OpenGL selected in Engine.


4. Go to advanced and select OnePlus 3T profile or OnePlus 5.


5. Best final looks of your BlueStacks Window


6. After game installation set game language to English



- Using RaidBot. (updated for Download from Release https://community.raidbot.app/index.php?/forum/3-raidbot-releases/


0. Verify that antivirus didn't delete auth-crypto.dll file in RaidBot folder (else stop antivirus before download)

1. Login into bot using FORUM name and license key.


2. Main window, bastion and settings tab.










Option explanation:

1. Battles Settings

Campaign Battle


Mode: Normal / Hard / Brutal / Nightmare - Choose desired campaign difficulty.

Place - Select boss dungeon you want to fight in campaign.

Stage - Select battle mode:

  •              Replay - will fight one stage selected number of times. This is most common mode you want to choose to farm certain stage of boss.
  •              Next from - will fight selected stage and advance to higher stages if possible.
  •              Replay last - repeatedly will fight highest available stage.
  •              Next from Last - same as "replay last" mode, but will advance further instead of replaying one stage.
  •              Replay Last Victory - repeatedly will fight highest stage that was already defeated.


Battles to do - NOTE: when out of battles to do, bot will still idle in bastion checking for other things to do.

  • Unlimited - will fight boss over and over waiting for energy refill when out of energy.
  • Until 1 champion Max Level - will stop fighting when 1 champion in party will hit max level.
  • Until 2 champions Max Level - will stop fighting when 2 champions in party will hit max level.
  • Until 3 champions Max Level - will stop fighting when 3 champions in party will hit max level.
  • Until all champion Max Level - will stop fighting when all champions in party are max level.
  • 0-100 - choose exact number of battles.

Replace - this function is for automatic food characters replacement, when champion will hit maximum level.

Replacing Champion's Slots used

  • - Off means there is no replacement when any Champion reaches his max level
  • - 1 means that RaidBot replaces Champion in slot 4 only (left side)
  • - 2 means that RaidBot replaces Champions in slots 3 & 4 only (left and bottom)
  • - 3 means that RaidBot replaces Champions in slots 2, 3 & 4 (all except leader) - this is most common function to use if you have 1 carry champion.

Rarity - Choose rarity of champions that you want to select for replacement.

Replacing Champion's rank (stars), in most common case you want to select 2+* it will replace characters with any rank except for common (1 star).

  • 1+*  means ranks 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 2+* means ranks 2, 3, 4
  • 1,2* means ranks 1, 2
  • 2,3* means ranks 2, 3
  • 3-* means ranks 1, 2, 3
  • 3+* means ranks 3, 4


Dungeons Battle


All options to select are similar to campaign battle, except you cannot use dungeons to level other champions.



1.1 Clan Boss management.


1.2 Faction wars

Bot will select available faction wars, will try to place heroes available for that race and battle. Fight mods selected are the same as in camping or dungeons.

1.3 Arena

Arena - enabling this will make bot go arena and fight enemy teams (using in-game auto-battle), it will ignore enemy after loose and will fight next one, it will automatically refresh enemy list when available for free, you must set MAXimum enemy team power you want to fight, bot will automatically ignore any team that HIGHER than selected power.

NOTE: Bot will refill arena tokens from inbox (example: daily playtime reward) if option is selected in Settings tab.

Bot will not use any gems to refresh arena. Unless you turn special option in Settings.

1.3 Team Arena

Team arena - same as normal arena, but you choose team arena max power.

1.4 Doom Tower

You can select which difficulty and when bot will farm Doom tower.


1.5 AutoSell Artifacts after Battle

Will auto-sell artifact of selected quality after battle.


2. Bastion

  • PlayTime rewards - will automatically get play time rewards when available.
  • Missions rewards - will automatically get missions rewards when available.
  • Quests - will automatically get quests rewards when available.
  • Challenges rewards - will automatically get challenges rewards when available.
  • Clan rewards - will automatically get clan rewards when available, including clan activity check and clan activity reward.
  • Daily login rewards - will automatically get daily login rewards when available.
  • Events & Tournaments rewards - will automatically get events & tournaments rewards when available.

2.1 Sparring pit Fill

This option will automatically level champions in sparring pit, while also replacing max level champions with any other that fits selected ranks.

2.2 Buy shards in Market

This option will refresh market when FREE refresh available (will not use any gems) and buy shards of selected quality.

2.3 Summoning of champions from Mystery (Green) shards.

This option can be used while using automatic leveling system in bot, so bot will not run out of food champions to replace.

2.4 Ranking up Champions (Note: if option turned on, lock or put in vault any character you don't want to be accidentally sacrificed)

Bot will automatically scan champions in tavern and upgrade ranks of food champions, it will never sacrifice any Epic or Legendary champion, it will also ignore Rare/Fusion/Ascended champions unless sacrifice option is selected.

  • Until Rank 'x' : upgrade Champions from rank 1 until rank 'x' level 1
  • Rank 'x' only : upgrade only Champions rank 'x'
  • Rank 'x' and more : upgrade Champions from rank 'x' to rank 5 level 1

Most common usage is 'Until Rank 4' or 'Until Rank 5', bot will automatically upgrade 2 stars champions to 3 stars, and 3 stars to 4 stars.

You might also select 'Sacrifice Rank 1' so bot will automatically sacrifice rank 1 champions (common) as Experience food because you don't want tavern to be fully filled with rank 1 champions if automatic shard summon is turned on.

Upgrade champions on start - this option will perform all actions in tavern on start.

Execute daily quests on start - this option will perform all actions in tavern on start.


3. Settings tab

  • BlueStack Restart period - will automatically restart BlueStacks in selected number of minutes.
  • Bot auto start (min) - will automatically start bot after selected number of minutes will pass (for example: if you stopped bot and forgot to turn it back on).
  • Timeout (min) for leaving endless Battle - some fights cannot be lost or won ending in endless battle, bot will automatically end battle after timer will pass.
  • Account connected to another device - if you want to check your account from phone/other device, but don't want to be instantly kicked of out game by bot auto-relogin system you can enable this option to delay bot auto-relogin.
  • Refill Arena Tokens from Inbox - This option will refill arena tokens with FREE tokens from inbox, for example: free tokens from daily game-time reward.
  • Refill Energy from Inbox - This option will refill energy with FREE energy from inbox.
  • Refill Energy with Gems - this option will refill energy using GEMS, so be careful, you can select number gems you want to use.
  • Stage downgrade in case of defeat - In case of defeat you can make bot downgrade stage to lower one, and try to replay it for selected number of times and than go back to higher stage.
  • Restart bot after a crash - bot will automatically restart after crash if it ill occurs.
  • Use internal mouse and keyboard input - bot will use internal mouse and keyboard to perform its actions.















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OK Not sure if it will make it work. But here are a couple things to change and try. It will help it perform better at least. 

1. Display -->Chg DPI to 160 DPI 

2. Engine --> OpenGL is the default (I run directX myself)

3. Engine--> Performance CPU 4 cores & Memory 4096

4. Engine --> Frame rate 20-40

5. Adavnced --> Try OnePlus 3. Or try different profiles (I use Galaxy s10)


Launch RaidBot first (do not load Bluestacks) 

If still does not work. Download another copy of Raidbots, Extract in a new location and Log in  and set all your settings again and see how it goes. 

If Fails, drop down to 2.0.0 and see i that will run. 



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so i just bought this for the week trial to see if its worth the 80 for lifetime but it not working, followed all the instrutions. if i dont get to get this to work i will not be buying the full package


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ok this was my fault, somehow the resolution changed after i did what instrutions said now that i fixed it it so far seems to be working very well. if this continues i would have to say this is a very good bot


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